All-on-4 Case Studies

Case 1:


This patient was missing many teeth, and displayed too much gum when smiling.

The gum and bone were modified as part of the procedure, producing a beautiful result.

Case 2:

This patient presented with missing upper back teeth and failing front teeth.

We treated her with the All-on-4 dental implant supported fixed bridge.

This gave the patient a full set of teeth that are permanently fixed in place.

Case 3:

This patient presented to us having recently lost all of her teeth.

She was unable to tolerate dentures.

We provided her with top and bottom All on 4 dental implants supported bridges, replacing all of her teeth.

Case 4:

This patient came to us with fillings and unsightly upper teeth, and crooked and infected lower front teeth.

We provided him with All-on-4 on the upper arch, and implants in the lower front teeth.

The remaining healthy lower teeth received veneers to improve the appearance.

Case 5:






Case 6:

all on 4 beforeall on 4 after





Case 7:

all on 4 beforeall on 4 after


Case 8:

all on 4 beforeall on 4 after


Case 9:

all on 4 before all on 4 after