What is a single tooth implant?


A single tooth implant is one of the most innovative restorative treatments in dentistry to date.

If you have suffered loss of a tooth due to physical trauma, decay, or some other factor, a single tooth implant may be your best solution. A huge advantage to single teeth implants is that unlike conventional bridgework, which requires a reduction to the adjacent teeth, a single tooth implant leaves the surrounding teeth unaffected while maintaining the appearance of a natural tooth.

The single tooth implant treatment process

A single tooth implant requires a titanium implant to be placed into the underlying bone. This surgery replaces the root of the previous tooth. Depending on your bone density, a bone graft may also be required prior to commencing treatment.

Once the implant is healed in place, a crown is then designed to match to your natural teeth. Your new crown is either attached via dental cement or screwed onto the implant in the final stage of the treatment process.

What is the healing time for a single tooth implant?

The healing time for a tooth implant varies greatly depending on the individual and their ability to heal in general. For some patients the crown may be able to be placed weeks later, for others it may take several months for the osseointegration process to be complete.

Once the titanium implant is set in place the jawbone and gums will heal around dental implant. This provides a sturdy foundation for your new porcelain crown to fit on top.

My tooth only just fell out! Can the tooth be saved?

If your tooth falls out whole and you can find it then an emergency dental trip may be able to save it. Pick it up by the crown (the top of the tooth). If you touch the roots of the tooth you may damage them. Clean the tooth off (preferably with your spit) then transport the tooth in either a glass of milk, mild saline solution, or your mouth. You have about an hour to save the tooth so the sooner you can make an emergency dental appointment the better!

What if I can’t find the tooth or it is beyond repair?

In the case your tooth cannot be rescued, a single tooth implant may be suggested. Even if the aesthetic of a lost tooth doesn’t concern you, single tooth implants should still be considered.

Replacing your teeth with dental implants

A lost tooth directly impacts your jaw and the jaw structure. Your teeth connecting with each other when you talk and chew provide stimulation and blood flow to the area. Once you lose a tooth, the now vacant space as well as the tooth above does not receive stimulation anymore, and your jaw in that area starts to degenerate. There are a number of other reasons dental implants are often considered the most appropriate solution to tooth loss. Click here for more information.

What is a single tooth implant? With Dr Michael Sempf

To find out more about single tooth implants visit our single tooth implant page here. There is a short video describing the tooth implant accompanied by a video which will walk you through a live surgery (warning to anyone with a queasy stomach, it is graphic).

Single Tooth Implant Gold Coast

If you have lost a tooth and feel like a single dental implant may be your best solution contact Dental Implant Solutions on the Gold Coast to arrange a consultation. Conveniently located in the heart of Southport, Dental Implant Solutions can be easily accessed by public transport and has 3 hours of free parking available at Australia Fair.