Receive your new smile before Christmas

Receive your new smile before Christmas

If you have suffered multiple tooth loss or if you are tired of removable dentures slipping out of place then Dr Michael Sempf and the team on the Gold Coast at Dental Implant Solutions can help.

Utilising the most recent developments in technology, our team can transform your smile with our new All-on-4® treatment. Our dental implant centre is located within Australia Fair Dental Car to make the process of attaining your new smile simple and convenient.

Treat yourself this festive season with our All-on-4® fixed full bridges

The All-on-4® dental device is a new restoration that can replace missing teeth and enhance the way your smile looks and functions. While removable dentures have often been the traditional method for treating tooth loss, dental implants have changed the way people think about missing teeth. Furthermore, technological developments have now allowed our team to offer you an alternative to a full set of our dental implants, with our All-on-4® technology.

Reinvent you smile in just 1 -3 days

Your smile can communicate your emotions and reflect your overall wellbeing. Those who are dissatisfied with their smile can often become embarrassed with their appearance. Our team here at Dental Implant Solutions values our patient’s confidence in their smile which is why we offer the All-on-4® treatment. The All-on-4® is an efficient and affordable way to enhance your smile. This technology uses four dental implants which support a whole arch of new teeth. Instead of needing to anchor each tooth with an implant, this new technology means that our patients only require minimal support for their new smile.

An effective alternative

A full set if dental implants require a suitable level of bone density. If a full arch of dental implants is not a suitable treatment option for you, then the All-on-4® treatment can be a viable option. Another alternative is traditional removable dentures; however this dental device can slip and move in your mouth. This visible movement can hinder your oral mobility, as well as make you feel self-conscious about your smile. The All-on-4® can offer you a fixed alternative thatcan keep you smiling this Christmas.

Benefit from new technology

The All-on-4® can replace a whole upper or lower arch of teeth, or both if you need to correct your smile in its entirety. Within one to three days our team can place your dental implants and attach your new arch of teeth. These fixed full bridges will be anchored to your implants to ensure your new smile is stable and supported.

The implants are made from a high grade titanium alloy which is implanted in your jaw bone. Given the highly biocompatible nature of this material, there is a very high chance that you jawbone will bond with your implant. This means that the implant will become part of your natural bone structure and offer a permanent solution for tooth loss. Once we have placed the implant, we can seamlessly attach your prosthetic teeth. This swift and comfortable procedure can change the way your smile looks, without extended waiting periods or painful treatments.

Achieve your dream smile

With the All-on-4® technology our team can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. Our team understands that each of our patients is unique and each has a unique facial and jaw structure. We will work with you to tailor a treatment program that can meet both your aesthetic goals and your specific oral requirements.

When choosing to benefit from dental implant technology, we will hold a consultation with you to discuss your treatment plan. In this consultation we can walk you through the procedure and determine whether the All-on-4® restoration is a suitable treatment for your specific dental condition.

Reward yourself this Christmas with a brand new smile that is both durable and cosmetically appealing.

[cta] If you have any further questions about the All-on-4® procedure or if you would like to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to call us on (07) 5591 2661. [/cta]