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Are you suffering from tooth loss? Are you concerned about the function and appearance of your smile? It’s time to consider dental implants. What is a dental implant? Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that act as a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth. Where and how implants are placed is determined by

A single tooth implant is one of the most innovative restorative treatments in dentistry to date. If you have suffered loss of a tooth due to physical trauma, decay, or some other factor, a single tooth implant may be your best solution. A huge advantage to single teeth implants is that unlike conventional bridgework, which

If you’ve ever had an accident which has lead to the loss of a tooth, you will understand just how distressing it can be. There is an emphasis in today’s society to create the “perfect” smile: many even described smiles as the first thing people notice. For a number of people the thought of going

You don’t have to have slippery dentures anymore. All-On-4 with Dr Michael Sempf at Dental Implant Solutions in Southport is a long-lasting solution to full-arch tooth loss. All-On-4 implants are a great solution for patients who have dentures or patients who suffer from failing teeth. Take a look below and see how the treatment can

Dental implants have changed the life of many people that have been suffering from tooth loss on the Gold Coast and Queensland. If you are considering dental implants, see the top 8 reasons Dental Implant solutions recommend.    If you have come to a time in your life where you say to yourself “I’ve had

In a market where baby boomers holding the most significant market share and are soon to be the wealthiest senior citizens in our generational history, it’s no surprise that dental implants are experiencing a little limelight. Here at Dental Implant Solutions in Southport, Dr Michael Sempf wants to take some time to enlighten our readers

At Dental Implant Solutions on the Gold Coast, we offer dental implant restorations to help our patients restore their smile and their lifestyle. As one of the greatest advancements in restorative dentistry to date, dental implants offer a solution for patients who have lost some of their natural teeth. Unlike traditional restorative techniques that can

Dentures, though useful, are quickly becoming outdated – backed by over 50 years of scientific research, dental implants are due to take the lead in tooth replacement treatments for the industry. As generations progress the demand for new and innovative technology continues to grow. In today’s day and age, patients are significantly more educated and

Dental implants are an impressive restorative dental treatment that can be used to replace missing teeth… At Dental Implant Solutions in Southport, we are often asked by many questions about the process, the benefits and what to expect when receiving dental implants to replace missing teeth. As such, we have compiled a list of frequently

You have just invested a significant amount of time and money into your new dental implants, so it’s important to protect them so they last a lifetime. By practising good oral hygiene you could avoid complications that may lead to implant failure. At Australia Fair Dental Care, we want you to keep your dental implants