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Dental implants are titanium screws that are used to replace the root of a missing tooth.

They are surgically placed under sterile conditions into the jawbone. As the bone heals, a process called “osseointegration” develops. Once osseointegration has occurred, the implant is then anchored securely into the jawbone. The implants can then support teeth, bridges or dentures.

Treatment time varies with the patient; however treatment typically takes 4-5 months…

From implant placement to delivery of the final crown/bridge is usually around 4 to 5 months. However, on suitable cases, patients can receive temporary crowns/bridges on the day of surgery.

The Postgraduate Diploma Dr Sempf has completed represents the highest level of qualification available for a general dentist in implant dentistry…

Dr Sempf, who works at his practice in the Southport CBD of the Gold Coast, has gained extra qualifications while pursuing his special interest in implant dentistry.

Some dentists claim to be “dental implant specialists”, despite having no formal postgraduate qualifications. The Dental Board does not recognise implant dentistry as a specialty; however Dr Sempf has obtained higher learning in this area of dentistry in order to bring his clients higher quality treatments.

Dental implant treatment is a surgical procedure, and while you are under anaesthetic during surgery, you may experience some pain and discomfort post-surgery…

Appropriate use of local anaesthetic and sedation ensures that all patients are comfortable and pain free during implant surgery. Most patients report minimal discomfort following implant surgery. Patients are given pre and postoperative analgesics for their surgery. Treatment can also be provided under general anaesthetic upon request.

Implant treatment boasts an excellent success rate…

The success varies due to a number of factors including bone quality and in which region of the jaw the implant is being placed, but generally speaking implant success is around 95%. Smokers have a higher failure rate compared to non-smokers. Any risk factors relevant to your case will be discussed at your initial consultation.

If you live in rural Gold Coast or Queensland, why not visit the central Gold Coast for a dental holiday!

Located in Helensvale, Dr Sempf’s dental practice is situated near a myriad of shopping centres, accommodation, beaches and restaurants. Why not treat yourself to a beautiful smile and a holiday by visiting Dr Sempf on the Gold Coast for your dental implant treatment.

Immediate loading allows placement of a temporary tooth or bridge on the day of surgery…

This means a temporarily restored smile until your permanent restorations are ready for implementation. You will be advised during consultation if immediate loading is appropriate for your situation.