Three main reasons why you should upgrade your dentures to dental implants

shutterstock_70384210Dentures, though useful, are quickly becoming outdated – backed by over 50 years of scientific research, dental implants are due to take the lead in tooth replacement treatments for the industry.

As generations progress the demand for new and innovative technology continues to grow. In today’s day and age, patients are significantly more educated and increasingly curious about any and all information they can get their hands on. In light of scientific advances for future practices in dental implants, Dr Michael Sempf from Dental Implant Solutions, Southport would like to walk you through 5 benefits to upgrading your dentures to dental implants.

#1 Dental Implants provide a long-term replacement

Where dentures provide a heavy impression of teeth, dental implants offer a long-term and often life-time guarantee replacement for the natural missing teeth. Each implant is made up of a titanium screw-style post that is deeply imbedded in the jaw bone. Once the screw is in place, the patient will undergo a sitting resulting in generally three to four months of post-surgical restoration. This allows time for the bone around the implant to heal, this known as the process of osseointegration – where the implant is recognised by the jaw as a suitable replacement. This process is consistently proven to achieve mirrored results in many different clinical operations, such as knee reconstructions and other tricky surgical operations.

Now that the bone and gums have happily healed, the screw is fitted with a customised tooth or crown that easily balances and compliments the natural surrounding teeth. When replacing dentures a similar process is followed, however in some cases instead of using a single screw and crown, we use an implant support bridge would also be a viable method. These forms of support are helpful for patients who may have problems with grinding or clenching, support bridges are successfully able to reduce the pressure on the implants as it allows the pressure to be equally spread across the bridge rather than targeting each implant individually.

#2 Dentures are removable, whereas dental implants are fixed

When considering maintenance, dentures are thought of as the under achiever in comparison to implants. Dentures require regular removal to clean and maintain where dental implants and bridges only require just the recommended brush twice and floss daily routine clean – not unlike any other natural tooth care recommended by the dentist. Although it is possible to temporarily fix the position of your dentures, the process is considered uncomfortable and often insecure. Dentures have the tendency to shift, and can easily lead to feelings of shame and discomfort when performing even simple things such as eating or even just basic conversation.

#3 Dental Implants avoid further damage to your natural remaining teeth and gums

As dentures are not fixed or permanent, there are a few things you may not be aware of when comparing the two separate treatments. Unfortunately if you have been wearing dentures for an extended amount of time, it is likely that your gums may have unfortunately reduced in size. As dentures rest on the ridges of your mouth, it is common for the bone to gradually shrink due to lack of support from natural teeth and general wear. In comparison, dental implants are anchored to the jaw, so further damage to gums and mouth can be completely avoidable. Infections from dentures can also be related to consumption of yeast – and because of this you may need a gluten free diet to keep an infection free mouth!

Taking the next step

If you are still unsure about taking the plunge and swapping to dental implants, take some time out of your day and book in a consultation at Dental Implant Solutions, Southport. With over a decade of experience, Dr Sempf is offering a free consultation for first-timers. Not only do dental implants have the ability to improve your oral health and appearance, they can also help bring ease and comfort for simple tasks in general, like eating and speaking.

To discover more about how you can upgrade your dentures to dental implants, book a consultation with Dr Sempf at Dental Implant Solutions in Southport today