Dental implants taking the baby boomers by storm

baby boomers needing dental implants

In a market where baby boomers holding the most significant market share and are soon to be the wealthiest senior citizens in our generational history, it’s no surprise that dental implants are experiencing a little limelight.

Here at Dental Implant Solutions in Southport, Dr Michael Sempf wants to take some time to enlighten our readers with a little bit of interesting history about dental implants. Also how the treatment has revolutionised dentistry today – sparking the impressive reputation of the dental implant tooth replacement method.

What do you know about dental implants?

You may see them as a shiny new method of tooth replacement, but in actual fact the idea of dental implants has been in circulation for centuries. Although the technology has significantly improved, the idea of replacing missing teeth certainly isn’t a new one.

Dating back as far as ancient Mayan and ancient Egyptian times, records reveal that when tooth loss occurred, people attempted to replace the tooth with pieces of shell, wood or ivory.

Down the track in the 18th century, the replacement method was recoded to be carried out with donated teeth. The outcome of these procedures is relatively difficult to source, but given the information available in the era relating to tissue rejection and the body’s physical response, these procedures were likely unsuccessful more often than not.

The most successful methods of dental implants continued to evolve through the times – until finally in the 1980’s, commercial use for titanium dental implants surfaced.

The implant method, commonly known as osseointegration, was accidently tripped upon by a Swedish orthopedic surgeon named Per-Ingvar Branemark in 1952. Once the method was further refined in the 1980’s, the practice of commercial dental implants using titanium began.

The future of dental implants

Since the impact of this improved way of tooth replacement, dental implants have continued to evolve with a handful of other methods now available from Dr Michael Sempf:

As one of the most predictable procedures, dental implants offer a 95% success rate. The question really has become:

Why bother with clumsy and uncomfortable bridges or removable dentures where the option of achieving a full and natural looking smile is within reach?

The reason to choose implants isn’t just black and white though, it’s important to discuss with Dr Sempf your options because for some, the procedure may be influenced by other grey-area factors as well.

How offering implant treatments benefit our patients

Dental implant treatments are a great solution as tooth loss remedies of single or multiple tooth loss replacement methods. They are stable, support positive jawbone density and can last a lifetime if cared for and maintained properly!

Worried about your jawbone density?

Prior to any treatment, using 3D imagery Dr Sempf will assess your jawbone and ensure the volume and density is significant enough to support a dental implant to ensure you get the most effective treatment results.

Want to know more?

To find out if dental implants are an appropriate treatment for you, book a consultation with Dental Implant Solutions in Southport where Dr Michael Sempf will personally take care of your dental implant needs.