Costs of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Cost Gold Coast

How much do dental implants cost? Find out the cost of dental implants on the Gold Coast with Dr Michael Sempf at Dental Implant Solutions in Southport.

Cost of Single Tooth Implants

Fees for single tooth implants:

Stage Item
Extraction (if applicable) 311 $190
Implant placement (uncomplicated) 688 $1900
Abutment 661 $900
Implant Crown 672 $1600


These fees are applicable for a routine case with adequate bone and no requirement for grafting. Additional fees may apply if grafting is required.

Following your dental implant consultation, Dr Michael Sempf will design a customised treatment plan for your unique case. Find out more about single tooth dental implants.

Cost of Implant Retained Denture for the Lower Jaw

Fees for implant retained denture (lower jaw):

Stage Item
Implant placement 688(2) $3800
Locator Abutment 661 (2) $900
Connection to existing denture 735(2),743 $900

The estimate above assumes an existing lower denture is satisfactory. If indicated a new lower denture may be required. Additional fees would apply if a new denture is deemed necessary. Implant retained dentures are a great solution for patients who have lost all their teeth on their lower arch. The treatment secures the denture in place to cease uncomfortable denture movement and assist with functionality and speech. Find out more about implant supported dentures here.

A customised treatment plan is provided to all patient following consultation.

All-On-4 Cost

To find out more about All-on-4 and get a comprehensive breakdown of pricing, download our free All-on-4 guide.

Dental Implants Cost Gold Coast

Dental implants really are the ideal solution for tooth loss. Dental implants replace both the visible part of the tooth and the tooth root to restore balance to the smile. Without teeth, the mouth tends to change with time. The gums and the jaw bone can recede without the tooth to support them; the other natural teeth can shift; and a number of other detrimental oral health problems can occur.