All-On-4 Dental Implants Makes Restoring Smiles Simple on the Gold Coast


Is your smile zone beyond repair? Seeking your restorative options for a new and improved smile?

Losing one or more of your teeth can have a huge impact on anyone’s self-confidence and can significantly hinder their oral mobility. At Dental Implant Solutions on the Gold Coast we strive to provide our patients with convenient methods to help restore their smile in as short period as possible. Our dental implant solutions cater for single implant to multiple implants depending on the patients requirements and we find that those patients who have significant tooth loss in their smile zone (front row of teeth) can benefit from the Prof Paulo Malo All-On-4 dental implant treatment method that we offer at our Southport clinic.

Multiple missing teeth cause multiple problems

Those who suffer from multiple missing teeth can understand firsthand the problems associated with extreme tooth loss. Not only can it put a negative influence on your self-confidence but tooth loss can severely deteriorate your oral health over time. Your oral health relies heavily on the health and the wellbeing of your teeth. Teeth provide a stable structure for gum and jawbone development and health, and in the absence of teeth the health of your jawbone and gum can begin to deteriorate. The teeth actually provide sensation and stimulation to the gums and jawbone which keep them thriving and healthy.

The All-On-4 dental implant treatment method can restore your smile in as little as three days

At Dental Implant Solutions we want our patients to regain their smiles as soon as possible so that these debilitating effects are not left to affect their oral health. The All-On-4 dental implant treatment method created by Prof Paulo Malo uses modern surgical techniques and modern dental implant designs to give patients full rehabilitation treatments with minimal waiting time. This treatment can be applied to the upper or lower jaw in the smile zone and can replace up to six teeth. Many patients who are suitable for this treatment will have a sufficient jawbone, healthy gum lines and will either have no existing teeth in the smile zone or will eventually need to have them extracted. The dental implants are inserted using the latest precision technology and a smile zone bridge will be placed over them to instantly regain your smile.

Dr Sempf has been involved with dental implants for over 13 years and is dedicated to helping his patients regain their smiles

Dental implant surgery is a very delicate surgery and should only be considered by a trained professional who understands the structure of the mouth and how important it is to conduct correct dental implant procedures. Dr Sempf at Dental Implant Solutions is a professional who has restored hundreds of smiles with a high success rate. He dedicates his time to expanding his knowledge on the dental implant field so that his patients have the reassurance that he is qualified to handle their life changing procedure. Proficient with both singular restorations and full arch restorations, Dr Sempf wants to help his patients receive the treatment they need, with exceptional care, consideration and with advanced technology and practice to help the transition between tooth loss and fully restored smiles as comfortable as possible for patients at his Gold Coast location.

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